Horse Feeders

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Minimize Waste with a Farmco Horse Feeder!

Virtually indestructible, Farmco Horse & Equine Feeders are the true choice of equestrian enthusiasts, farmers, ranchers and those living the country lifestyle. These affordable Horse Feeders are designed to minimize feed waste (saving you money) and improve the health and well being of your horses by keeping the hay off the infectious ground contaminants.

On the top of the horse feeder is a basket for the hay. A trough is mounted below to catch what escapes as horses eat, leaving more fresh hay available to your horses. Less hay hits the ground, thus preventing parasitic infestations in your stock from ground feeding. The trough is ideal for feeding grain as well, eliminating the need for a second feeding area.

When you are looking at a Farmco feeder, just rememberESP!

  • E
    fficiency. Through improved feed intake
  • S
    avings. Reduced waste lowers feeding costs
  • P
    rotection. From parasite infestation through ground feeding.

Horse Hay Feeder Features:

  • Built of heavy 12 gauge steel
  • Resistant to corrosion & rust
  • Available in Hunter Green or Red
  • Designed to feed both hay and grain

Horse Feeder Models

Horse Hay Feeder #4832l Horse Feeder #832l Horse Hay Feeder #56H Horse Hay Feeder #606H Horse Feeder #610h