Model 608SF Round Bale Hay Feeders

Make it easier for your horses to get access to their meals in a safe, healthy, and secure environment with a covered horse feeder from Farmco. If you’re looking for top-quality large round bale feeders, we suggest considering our Model 608SF horse feeder. It’s a durable covered horse feeder designed to hold one large, round bale. It also has a “horse-proof” latch, sturdy legs, and a slanted roof to minimize issues with moisture exposure from the elements when used in uncovered areas.

Innovative Covered Horse Feeder For Sale

Our Model 608SF horse feeder has an innovative design that includes slow feed net panels. These panels are designed to minimize waste and protect your horses’ teeth as they eat. The innovative design of this covered horse feeder also slows down hay consumption, which is good for a horse’s digestive system.

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