Why Our Feeders

Hay is the foundation of every horse’s diet. Feeding wet/moldy hay will increase the risk of your horse getting respiratory conditions such as Recurrent Airway Obstruction (ROA). ROA is caused by molds commonly found in hay after it was rained on and it dried again. Mold produces spores which are breathed in while horses are eating the moldy hay.

Hay also needs to flow steadily thru the digestive tract. Gaps without forage can lead to ulcers, colic, behavioral issues and gorging. Truly, the best way to avoid these problems is to allow your horse steady access to hay, free-choice, day and night. This closely mimics a horse’s natural eating habits when grazing in a meadow on grass.

When feeding big bales on the ground, a large amount of hay is wasted and people have become accustomed to buying round ring feeders to reduce hay waste. Round bale ring feeders do reduce hay waste, but do not address health complications due to mold, gorging and do not create healthy eating habits for your horses.

Farmco has a full line of horse feeders that are designed specifically for horses to reduce health complications, promote healthy eating and reduce hay waste. Our small hay feeders, such as the Model 4832G24 are best utilized for the equestrian that wants to interact with their horse morning, noon and night by feeding them. Our covered hay feeder range from a small round bale design to the large square bale design. Contact our sales team to discuss which Farmco hay feeder best fits you and your horses needs.